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Hotdashundisplay supplier specializes in crafting custom-designed dessert display stands in various styles to help you showcase the deliciousness of your desserts.

Whether you own a pastry shop or a coffeehouse or manage a hotel, supermarket, or restaurant, we have experts who can assist you in effortlessly displaying your desserts and attracting more customers.

Custom Dessert Displays

metal candy display stand

metal candy display stand

cardboard dessert display stand

cardboard dessert display stand

wooden candy chocolate display stand

wooden candy chocolate display stand

All Customization Options For Your Selecting

Please review the customized options library from the Hotdashundisplay display stand manufacturer. 

We have been producing and selling display racks for over 20 years, and we understand that brand owners strive to promote their brand image through unique display racks that attract customers’ attention.

As long as you dare to innovate, we can bring your display rack ideas and designs to life. So, feel free to share your display rack creative concepts with us at any time, and we’ll work together to turn them into reality.



colored acrylic


stainless steel


Printing & Finished

Silk-screen printing

Silk-screen printing

water transfer printing

water transfer printing

Metal LOGO

Metal LOGO

photochemical etching


Display Stand Styles

Floor-mounted acrylic cosmetic display cabinet

Floor-Standing Display

counter acrylic watch display stand

countertop display

Wall Mounted Round Wine Display Stand

Wall-Mounted Display

We emphasize the deliciousness of desserts.

When customers are choosing desserts, the first impression that catches their eye is crucial. Then, they select some of their favorite flavors from a variety of different desserts, making the dessert display stand essential to your sales.

Hotdashundisplay can create display racks that can greatly attract your target audience, as we have an experienced design team and production staff who can quickly customize a set of display stand solutions that are easy to clean and maintain according to your store style and requirements, making our dessert display racks the ideal choice for showcasing delicious desserts!

dessert display stand set
wood cake display stand set

Get unique dessert display stands

Compared to the ordinary standard dessert display stands on the market, which many people find plain and unremarkable, these uniquely designed dessert display stands can bring a fresh perspective and attract more customers’ attention.

With our skilled craftsmanship and years of experience, we have the ability to produce a variety of dessert display stands, using materials such as acrylic, wood, and metal, and we can also produce mini, dessert display stand sets, and dessert buffet display stands for different scene requirements.

Sweet display stands to meet different display needs in various scenes

In order to meet the display needs of different desserts, we also specialize in customizing and producing table and counter display stands for concession, shop, retailer, and online owners to display your various candies, such as cotton candy, candy apple, candy bar, candy buffet, candy cane, candy cart, candy floss, chocolate bar, chocolate fountain, lollipop, and donut.

Contact the Hotdashundisplay factory and share your display ideas, materials, sizes, colors, etc. with us. We will arrange for a professional designer to work with you and design a cost-effective display stand that meets your needs and satisfies you, bringing more sales to your dessert display.

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