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Hotdashundisplay is a top display stand manufacturer located in China.

Our unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality display stands guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

We specialize in the customization and manufacturing of display stands in a range of materials including acrylic, wood, metal, cardboard, plastic, PVC, and other composite materials.

Our goal is to produce display stands that not only enhance your brand but also meet your specific needs and requirements.

We have helped customers all over the world, including in Asia, Europe, and America, to drive their business more.

Why Choose Hotdashundisplay?

  • We provide excellent service to all our customers.
  • Our pricing is competitive and we guarantee to provide you with one-stop service.
  • We accept small MOQ from 10-50 pcs orders for custom displays.
  • We ensure strict quality control throughout the production process.
  • Delivery on time
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What we offer for you

Acrylic Rotating Display Stand

Acrylic Displays

metal book display stand

Metal Displays

wooden display stand

Wooden Displays

4 Tiers Acrylic Electronic Product Display

Electronic Product Displays

jewelry showcase display

Jewelry Displays

counter wrist watch display stand

Watch Displays

wine display stand

Wine Displays

acrylic sunglasses display stand

Glasses Displays

acrylic cosmetics display stand for exhibition

Cosmetic Displays

Hotdashundisplay has won the trust of 3,000+ customers

As a professional manufacturer, we give priority to every detail, requirement, and need of our customers.
Our QC team will inspect each display stand carefully to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards before shipment.
Our factory’s commitment to sustainable development, improvement, and innovation allows us to provide not only affordable prices but also guarantee high-quality display racks.

Assembly Workshop
Production Capacity

HotdashunDisplay has the ability to undertake all kinds of customized display racks, with a monthly production capacity of 10,000+ sets.

  • Wooden workshop
  • Acrylic workshop
  • Hardware workshop
  • Powder spraying line
  • Assembly workshop
  • Silkscreen workshop
Inspect raw material
Strict Quality Control

At Hotdashundisplay, we have adopted strict quality control measures in every stage of production, including:

  • Raw materials are thoroughly inspected,
  • Accurately measure the size of the material after cutting,
  • Inspection for each process in the assembly,
  • 1 to 1 strict inspection of products before shipment,
  • Safe packaging to ensure safe export.

Custom Acrylic Display Stands

Acrylic display stands have a wide range of applications and can be seen in many large supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmacies, and promotional outlets.
They are used to display or promote the products you sell and play a very good promotional role in showcasing your products.
Hotdashundisplay factory has its own acrylic production workshop and advanced equipment, which enables us to provide you with comprehensive customized acrylic display stand services.
acrylic workshop
Wooden Workshop

Custom Wood Display Stands

Wooden display racks are also a popular option because they have a good weight-bearing capacity, sturdy structure, easy disassembly, and assembly, and are conducive to international transportation, saving on shipping costs. Wooden display racks are also high-end in terms of appearance and materials, making your products stand out after being displayed.

We have our own wooden workshop and paint spraying room, which can provide you with customized wooden display racks at competitive prices, ensuring high quality because the entire process from purchasing materials to completing finished products is under our factory’s quality management.

metal display stands workshop

Custom Metal Display Stands

Hotdashundisplay manufacturer has an independent metal workshop to meet your customized requirements for metal display racks and wire display racks.

Our metal display racks not only have greater load-bearing capacity and longer service life but are also rust-free.

Metal display racks can be processed using different surface treatment methods such as spray painting, electroplating, baking, sandblasting, etc., to create a beautiful and textured appearance in different colors, which can instantly attract people’s attention.

Custom Cardboard Display Stands

Hotdashundisplay factory also produces cardboard display stands, which can be customized in any shape, color, pattern, and size to meet your requirements.
We have stable and long-term cooperation with large printing factories, which can print high-definition pictures without a color difference.
Our cardboard display stands are made of heavy-duty and dense cardboard, which is durable and can display your products for a long time, making them easily visible to customers. It can also make your products stand out in the store and have a good promotional effect.
Cardboard Processing

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