metal display stand Manufacturer

Over the years, Hotdashundisplay manufacturer has been recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength, and high-quality metal display racks, thus occupying more than 75% of the market in the exporting business field.

  • Complete specifications,
  • Support customization,
  • Thickened material,
  • Solid structure,
  • Strong bearing capacity,
  • Easy to assemble.

Diverse Materials and logo crafts for Manufacturing metal displays

Metal materials mainly contain iron, stainless steel, wire, aluminum, zinc alloy, copper, silver, and gold.

In addition, a lot of auxiliary materials are needed to make the metal display stand, such as cloth, wheel, poster, leather, wood, acrylic, hook, PVC, etc.

Common Logo crafts are below:

Water transfer printing, Inkjet Printing, UV Printing, Silk-screen Printing

Welding workshop

manufacturing processes

  • Cutting material: CNC laser cutting, pipe cutting, wire cutting,
  • Bending, pipe bending, wire bending, punching,
  • Precision welding, grinding,
  • Inspection, pre-treatment,
  • Electrostatic powder spraying, silk screen printing,
  • Assembly and cleaning,
  • Fully inspection and packaging.

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