All your specific needs can be met at Hotdashundisplay.

We are a leading player in the display rack industry, with in-depth knowledge as a custom display rack manufacturer that provides all customization options,

allowing you to customize your unique display stand.

Your unique display stand ideas will never be limited.

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned veteran in the display rack industry, Hotdashundisplay has over 20 years of experience in producing display racks. From quality to craftsmanship, from service to production capacity, we can be one of your top-quality suppliers. Browse our display rack customization selection and quickly find a solution that meets your needs from our wide range of options, including materials, logos, and styles.

Printing & Finished

Display Stand Styles

Find the perfect solution for Your personalized display stands

Hotdashundisplay offers customized and diverse display shelves that can be tailored to your store window, storefront, or counter display in terms of materials, shapes, styles, colors, sizes, and logos.

christmas tree shaped display stand

Custom Plastic & Die-casting molds

Hotdashundisplay offers customized molds that are tailored to meet our client’s specific requirements for producing plastic products or metal parts with unique shapes and sizes.

Custom molds are a more cost-effective and efficient solution when producing large quantities.

custom display stands in large quantities

5 simple steps to work with us:

To ensure a smooth and efficient process, you need to provide us with detailed requirements and specifications for your customized display stands, including materials, dimensions, quantity, style, logos, and any necessary specifications. With our expertise, we can avoid many unnecessary issues. The Hotdashundisplay team works closely with you to provide the best solutions for your customized display rack needs.

Once we receive detailed information about your custom display stand requirements, our pricing team can quickly provide you with the best price/valuation. Additionally, our engineers can suggest suitable materials and techniques for your display stands, and after consultation, we aim to maximize meeting your needs while staying within your budget.

After we have agreed on the price for your display stands, we will provide you with detailed drawings for you to confirm the structure, materials, size, color, logo, and other information. Once confirmed, we will complete the sample in 7-10 days. We will then choose the fastest shipping method to send the sample to you for quality confirmation, but the shipping cost will be paid by you.

Hotdashundisplay’s factory has the most advanced machinery and skilled craftsmen with over 10 years of experience. Our production line can meet all your unique display stand needs, including different materials and printing requirements. Our QC team rigorously inspects each step from material procurement to finished product production and implements a 1-on-1 cleaning and inspection before shipment. If you’re looking for a manufacturer to handle your urgent orders, Hotdashundisplay is your best choice.

We offer a secure export packaging solution for your display stands (single-piece display stand product +preservative film + bubble bag + export carton with built-in 6-sided 20mm thick PE foam + pallet), ensuring that your display stands arrive in perfect condition.

We also assist with arranging express delivery/sea freight/air freight to any address in your country/region.

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