Custom wooden donut display stand

Wooden Donut display stand wholesale

Hotdashundisplay Manufacturer offers custom production of a variety of unique and eye-catching donut display stands to help attract more customers and increase sales for your business.

Our novel and distinctive donut displays are tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Product Type:  Donut display stand
  • Product Size:  Customizable
  • Material:  Wood
  • Color & Logo:   Accept customization
  • OEM / ODM: Accept
  • MOQ: 100pcs

Your Reliable Wooden Donut display stands Manufacturer

The handmade wooden doughnut display stand uses durable, food-safe materials that comply with all food safety and hygiene standards. It comprises a donut wall, donut pegs, and donut feet, and is incredibly easy to assemble and place on a countertop.

As a prominent Chinese manufacturer of donut display stands, Hotdashundisplay can design and produce a wide range of custom donut display stands tailored to our client’s specific needs, including various materials, styles, sizes, colors, logos, and other personalizations.

We pride ourselves on offering the best OEM & ODM services, and we welcome small orders of 50-100 pieces while providing competitive pricing to accommodate your budget and requirements.

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