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Hotdashundisplay supplier has been providing top-notch jewelry display services for 20+ years. From design to prototyping, and all kinds of jewelry specifications, we are capable of doing everything.

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All Customization Options For Your Selecting

Please review the customized options library from the Hotdashundisplay display stand manufacturer. 

We have been producing and selling display racks for over 20 years, and we understand that brand owners strive to promote their brand image through unique display racks that attract customers’ attention.

As long as you dare to innovate, we can bring your display rack ideas and designs to life. So, feel free to share your display rack creative concepts with us at any time, and we’ll work together to turn them into reality.



colored acrylic


stainless steel


Printing & Finished

Silk-screen printing

Silk-screen printing

water transfer printing

water transfer printing

Metal LOGO

Metal LOGO

photochemical etching


Display Stand Styles

Floor-mounted acrylic cosmetic display cabinet

Floor-Standing Display

counter acrylic watch display stand

countertop display

Wall Mounted Round Wine Display Stand

Wall-Mounted Display

Custom all kinds of Jewelry Displays

Jewelry in shopping malls is generally shown using jewelry displays. The use of jewelry displays further highlights the nobility and beauty of jewelry.

Hotdashundispaly offers complete jewelry display manufacturing services. Earring display, ring display, bracelet display, bracelet display, necklace display, pendant display, etc. are all our business.

Wooden Workshop
acrylic workshop

Diversified materials for you to choose

We have a large selection of raw materials, including acrylic, wood, metal, cardboard, leather, cloth, plastic, and various composite material display stands and various display props.

For your upcoming project that requires custom jewelry displays, please contact us to explore how we can help you with jewelry display manufacturing demands.

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