Custom acrylic metal Electronic atomizer countertop display

Electronic atomizer countertop display Wholesale

Hotdashundisplay Manufacturer offers custom acrylic electronic atomizer countertop display services.

  • Product Type: acrylic metal Electronic atomizer countertop display
  • Product Size:  W350*L200*370Hmm / Customizable
  • Material: Acrylic + Metal + LED light
  • Color & Logo:   Accept customization
  • OEM / ODM: Accept
  • MOQ: 50pcs

Electronic atomizer countertop display Manufacturer

Our Advantages

* 20+ Year OEM & ODM Experience.

* Professional design teams.

* Strictly Quality Control.

* Using premium Metal and plexiglass/acrylic material.

* Delivery on time.

* Colors & specifications & logos can be customized according to your shop/window/counter.

* Hotdashundisplay offers 3D drawing and rendering before you make your decision.

Product details

Independent L-shaped Electronic atomizer countertop display stand, the outer frame is made of metal, and the movable backboard and panel can easily replace the light sheet.

The front transparent acrylic door is equipped with a lock to prevent theft.
Built-in LED light and charging area.
Up-and-down display stands can be displayed independently or combined.

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