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Hotdashundisplay is a manufacturer specializing in custom acrylic standees, with over 20 years of production experience.

acrylic standee

Hotdashundisplay Manufacturer offers custom all kinds of acrylic standees services, such as holographic, floating sand, shaking, rainbow, mirror, and more.

  • Product Type:  Acrylic Standees
  • Product Size:  Customizable
  • Material:   Acrylic
  • Pattern & Logo:   Accept customization
  • OEM / ODM:     Accept
  • MOQ:   300pcs


Acrylic standees are made using imported, eco-friendly acrylic material, and are composed of an acrylic upright and base.

They can be customized to meet your specific needs, such as using single-layer acrylic for single-sided printing of images and printing the front and rear of images on single-layer acrylic. Alternatively, single-sided printing and double-sided printing images can be used for double-layered acrylic.

  • The acrylic material boasts an impressive transparency level of over 92%,
  • The high-definition UV printing ensures clear and crisp images,
  • The acrylic standees undergo a polishing process to ensure a smooth surface and edges.
acrylic upright

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Different effects of acrylic standee

holographic acrylic standee with epoxy glitter

Holographic Effect

The acrylic standee with holographic +epoxy glitter effects, you also can choose broken glass, stars, and sakura, among others.

acrylic standee flowing Sand Effect

Quicksand Effect

The acrylic standee can have a flowing sand effect, that enhances its beauty and visual appeal.

shaking rainbow acrylic standees

Rainbow Effect

The shaking acrylic standee has a vibrant rainbow effect, that elevates its beauty and makes it truly mesmerizing to look at.

L-shaped mirror acrylic standee

Mirror Effect

The acrylic mirror standee not only effectively conveys information, but also its shiny appearance attracts people's attention.


Hotdashundisplay provided excellent customer service throughout the customization process, ensuring that my specific needs were met. The quality of the final acrylic standees was exceptional.
Joan Gyant
Joan Gyant
I highly recommend Hotdashundisplay for its outstanding acrylic standees quality and customer service, also provided some images in production, ensuring that my order was delivered promptly.

The benefits of cooperating with Hotdashundisplay


We can create acrylic standees in a wide range of sizes, shapes, effects, and designs to match the specific needs and preferences of each business.

High Quality

Our acrylic standees are made from high-quality eco-friendly materials that are durable and long-lasting, and The glossy and transparent nature of acrylic standees makes them eye-catching.

1-on-1 Service

We offer personalized 1-on-1 service to work closely with you and provide customized support for your acrylic standee customization needs. Our customer service team is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.


We offer professional packaging services for all products, ensuring they are not damaged during transportation. We also have a well-established logistics system that provides fast and reliable shipping services.

Our Company's Slogan is 'Quality First, Customer Supreme!'"

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